On Thursday night, one man murdered seven people before taking his own life in a rampage that went from house to house in Tyrone, a small town in Missouri. Police found the dead gunman inside a car after he apparently shot himself.

Authorities said a ninth person who was also found dead and included in the investigation apparently died of natural causes.

Jay Nixon the Governor of Missouri described the incident as a horrific tragedy.

On Thursday night around 10:15 p.m., police were called by a teenage girl who had reported hearing shots in a residence in Tyrone. The girl fled to the home of a neighbor and called authorities. When police responded, they found two people in the residence dead.

Authorities upon investigating the incident further, found another five victims who had been killed and one who was only wounded, in three more residences.

Police said the homes were all in Tyrone where the attacks took place.
When authorities searched another residence they found an elderly woman who was deceased who appeared to have died of nature causes.

One newspaper said that the elderly woman was the mother of the shooter.

The gunman, who was 36, was found dead in a parked vehicle by what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot. Investigators were investigating the chain of events but speculated that the son found his mother dead and for whatever reason proceeded to go on his deadly rampage.

No names of the dead have been released. All of the victims were adults.

Tyrone is today just a hamlet of homes. In years past, garment and shoe factories thrived there, but have left along with a drop off in both poultry and dairy farms.

The general store has even closed and the community building is in what was once a one-room schoolhouse.

Local authorities said as more information on the shooting rampage became available that they would release it to the public.