Energy and Power with Every Crunch: Why Hippeas Are Ideal New Snack

If you haven’t heard of Hippeas, you’ve been missing out on an affordable and surprisingly nutritious taste sensation. The food company Green Park Brands ( makes and distributes these treats, which debuted in June 2016. Hippeas are crunchy and delicious chickpea puffs. Plus, these snacks are kosher, gluten-free, and organic, and they represent a great choice for those on vegan diets.


Hippeas ( come in six distinct flavors: pepper, hickory, maple syrup, white cheddar, fajita, and sriracha. The fajita and white cheddar puffs have a somewhat limited availability at this time. The marketing for this product is largely aimed at millennials, but it’s a food that people of all ages can benefit from and savor.


The creators of Hippeas spent months testing and refining them to ensure an irresistible taste and appealing texture. They sought to attract people who were accustomed to traditional crunchy snacks like potato chips and cheese puffs, but they also wanted a product that would be as healthful as possible. It’s certainly unusual for something to entice health-conscious consumers as well as lovers of junk food, but Hippeas has achieved that distinction.


Hippeas can satisfy your sense of social responsibility in addition to your hunger. That’s because this brand donates a part of its proceeds to a foundation called Farm Africa (, which aids East Africa’s chickpea farmers. Therefore, when you’re out running, you can think about how you’ve helped to alleviate the poverty of so many hardworking individuals.


What makes this food product perfect for those on the go is that it’s low in fat, and it’s packed with protein and fiber. In fact, a 1-ounce Hippeas bag will supply you with 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.


Fiber is a powerful source of energy. What’s more, it contains few calories, but it can make you feel full for a relatively long period of time. Thus, it can assist you in losing or maintaining your weight. Fiber also enhances the functioning of the digestive system, and it can keep your insulin levels from rising all of a sudden.


For its part, protein makes it easier for the muscles to restore themselves after a hard workout or busy day. On top of that, protein and carbohydrates working together can increase the amount of the sugar glycogen in your system, which means more energy throughout your work day. Protein is part of every human cell, and it regulates various systems of the body. It likewise balances bodily fluids, helps the blood to clot, and performs a range of other tasks that are essential to life.


Each Hippeas bag is bright yellow and features a face with a beaming smile. After eating this snack, you might find that you have the exact same expression.