One of the most popular social media platforms on the internet is Facebook. The company has warned his users not to be falling prey to the hoax messages that are currently doing the rounds on the website. The hoax message asks the users to post a legal notice to get the copyright of their pictures. The messages also ask FB users to sign up for a monthly paid subscription.

The active Facebook users were flooded with messages asking them to act fast or else the company will infringe on their privacy. These messages were seen on the user’s news feeds.

Facebook Asks Users To Be Vigilant About Hoax Messages On Privacy

These hoax messages have been created in the wake of Facebook users getting worried about how their personal information is being used by internet giants like Facebook, Google, Netflix and others. These companies have been accused of violating the privacy norms by the users earlier also.

One of the common hoaxes that come up every few years is a warning to the FB user post a legal, valid statement to their feeds that prevents Facebook from using their content, information or photos without the permission of the user.

The prank message also promises to excuse the users who re-post the legal data or document from Facebook’s data user policy statement. This is a statement that governs how the social media network might use the data of its users that they agree to reveal or show when they sign up for a new Facebook account.

Once a new sign-up is approved, then the contract cannot be altered by the user. The fraudulent message further adds on that any violation of the privacy may be punishable under the Uniform Commercial Code of U.S.

There is another hoax message doing rounds on the website asking the FB users to protect the privacy of their account by purchasing a $5.99 month subscription. By doing so, all their posts will stay private.

Despite all efforts from Facebook warning users about these hoax messages on privacy, there are still many users who are worried about their account privacy. The users haven’t stopped from fearing the worst despite Facebook’s repeated efforts.

Meanwhile FB’s endeavor to support a digital India project is being seen as a tool to promote its controversial internet. org program. Facebook has said on Tuesday that there is no connection between the two. Facebook has also said that it will make changes to the wrong code (tricolor profile picture tool) to do away with any confusion.