Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, had said in September that the company is looking to expand its Like button that has become so famous all over the globe. Millions and millions of Facebook users make use of the Like button every day to respond to the posts of friends, families and other Facebook contacts.

There were a lot of requests from the Facebook fans for the introduction of the dislike button, but so far Facebook has not budged for this request from their users. Instead, Facebook has introduced a set of six resounding emojis to add to the Like button. These six new emojis have given a new dimension to Facebook and there is no doubt that Facebook will be the same from now on.

Facebook Enhances Its Like Button With Six Emojis

The six new emojis that will add spark and ignition to the Like button will be placed alongside the like button (the thumbs up sign) on Facebook. The six emojis that have now been offered represent: love, happiness, laughter, shock, anger and sadness. So, an anger button looks more or less to the dislike button that users were craving for on Facebook.

Facebook has announced that the new emojis pop up feature will first be offered for the Spain and the Ireland users on a test basis. The company will be studying the response to these new emojis so that it will be able to decide on whether to make modifications to these emojis or if new emojis need to be added to these six emojis.

The reason why Facebook has decided to test the new added like buttons in these two countries at first is because many Facebook users are connected nationally and many do not have international friends.

There will be many users who are still disappointed with Facebook for not bringing out the dislike button on Facebook. They would not be content with the angry emoji that has now been added.

The new reaction images offered by Facebook can be used across both mobile as well as desktop versions. They can also be used in all the News feed posts and the accounts that users follow. There is no plan for Facebook to bring these new emoji add-ons to Instagram or Messenger or any other Facebook products.

The emoji will come up on your mobile screen once you touch the like button and will come up on your desktop screen when you move your mouse over the like button.