A new tool has been released by Facebook Inc. the most popular social networking site in the world. This new tool will help news journalists find, organize and bring out content on Facebook extensively. The new tool to help journalists is called Signal and Facebook has brought this tool to lure news journalists to stay away from twitter who also has recently announced a new tool to help journalists.

Facebook’s Signal is a new effort from the social media giant to embrace media persons and journalists by offering them easy ways and means to find the latest news across the social media platforms. This tool will be offered free for the media and journalists.

Facebook Launches Signal For News Journalists

There was a need for the media organizations to offer a better way and use of Facebook for reporting news and latest events, according to media partnerships of Facebook, Andy Mitchell. They wanted Facebook to offer an easy way to make this social media site a vital cog for news gathering. The Facebook must also provide the journalists and the media persons with options to bring out relevant photos, videos, trends and posts on Facebook and Instagram to bring out reporting and storytelling.

There is no doubt that many people look up to the social media site to get the latest news and happenings all over the world. Signal is the latest effort from Facebook to interlace itself with the media publications and journalists as this type of communications have found a greater and a bigger audience in the social media platform.

The Signal is not the first tool that Facebook has brought out in order to make journalists and media people feel at home when using Facebook. Last week, the social media giant, came out with the Mentions app that will help journalists to broadcast live through the site. Facebook had also earlier launched the Instant Articles feature to make it easy for the news lovers to get access to news stories on their phones through their Facebook account.

There was also a new tool launched by Facebook last year to help the journalists easily and quickly reach their target audience of its site. The Signal will give journalists to share the public conversations by making use of the embed feature.

The company is looking to encourage journalists to bring out more news on Facebook, as this process is bearing ore fruits on Twitter rather than Facebook. By offering the Signal feature, Facebook is looking offer the best stuff for its 1.5 billion users.