The popular social networking site on the internet, Facebook, is now working on a virtual reality video app for your Smartphone. The app would support 360 degree videos or spherical videos. This will be a standalone app that all Facebook users can make use of through their phones. The app will give the freedom for the viewer to make changes to the viewing perspective by titling the Smartphone.

Facebook is working on the app and developing it in such a way that it will work perfectly on both Apple Inc. devices as well as Google Inc. Android devices. The app development sis in the initial stages, but many rumors suggests that Facebook is very much interested in bringing out the virtual reality video app as soon as possible. There are no clear cut details let out by Facebook at the moment and everything is under wraps. It is a confidential project at the moment. Facebook has declined to pass any comments on the proposed virtual reality video app.

Facebook Looking To Bring Out Virtual Reality Video App

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has been saying that the virtual reality is the next big thing to happen in the social media platform. It will be the next computing platform after the mobile devices. Zuckerberg in March said that Facebook will provide the necessary support needed for spherical video in the news feed. This will give the news feed viewers to move inside the video and to view it at different angles.

Facebook has shelled out $2 billion to acquire Oculus VR last year and has added this outfit also into its ever increasing mass. Zuckerberg believes that one day the augmented reality will be a boon and part of our day to day life. It will help billions and billions of people.

Virtual reality was once a dream of the science fiction. The same has to be said about the internet. It was once just a dream and not it is very much part of one’s life. Similarly, the computers and Smartphones have become part of a person’s life. Zuckerberg expects the same with virtual reality and it will soon become a necessity for every person.

Oculus Rift handset which was launched as part of the 2012 Kickstarter project by the company is expected to start shipping the Ruft handset to consumers in the first quarter of 2016. This handset will be offered with a better tracking system that will support users playing standing and seated gaming.