Facebook has unveiled the Facebook Mentions app which allows verified journalists to live stream their footage to Facebook as breaking news. Earlier the Mentions app was available only to some restricted number of celebrities, but the app is now open to experts, reporters and influencers.

There are so many social media platforms which are available to the digital journalists in the present day and the Mentions app is the latest addition to the list.

Facebook Mentions And Live Now Accessible To Verified Journalists

Vadim Lavrusik, Product Manager for Facebook Mentions app, feels that people love to read articles of their favorite journalist or any public figure by connecting to them on Facebook and the app will be the right tool to achieve this.

According to him, by making Facebook Live and Mentions accessible to the public figures with proven profiles will help them to interact with their followers and peers.

The journalists will be now able to report directly from the scene of news, host question and answer sessions and remain connected to the followers and others through this platform.

The broadcast footage will appear in the news feed of the Facebook users. New reporters will be able to check the opinion of the followers about any news reported by them and the opinion about the particular reporter.

Facebook Live lets the broadcaster to start live video streaming instantly. The Facebook users will be able to watch the live event online and can make comments in real-time.

Mentions app allows the user to manage the online presence the way they want. They will get the information about the trending topics on the social media and create alerts, if needed.

To use this app, every journalist will have to apply for a verified badge along with a copy of the government issued identification proof. Facebook has not revealed what will be the criteria for issuing the verified badge.

Facebook has a wider reach than Twitter or YouTube. Twitter has already started Periscope and YouTube offers live streaming these days. So, this app will make live streaming possible for its Facebook users as well.

Journalism industry has made good use of alternative methods of reaching the news to the public.

With Facebook also allowing the users to do live streaming, digital journalism will become more exciting and competitive.

There are many news firms which are already using services such as Periscope and Snapchat to make the breaking news reach their viewers faster and at a low cost.