There is no doubt that social media giant Facebook is the top app in the United States and has been in the top position for quite some time now. But, an interesting change that has taken place in the ranking position has happened in the second position of the popular apps in the U.S. Facebook’s Messenger app has now toppled the most popular online video streaming service YouTube to grab the number two position in the most popular apps in the U.S. This was revealed in a market report.

Facebook is the undisputed king when you take into account the list of the top Smartphone apps used in the United States. It has a reach of 73.3%. You Tube that has been in the second position for some time has been toppled and moved to the third position. Facebook Messenger app is the second most used app in the United States and it has an app audience of 59.5%. YouTube is in the close third position with an app audience of 59.3%. Google Search with an app reach percentage of 52 is in the fourth position.

Facebook Messenger – US’s Second Most Popular App

The latest findings have been let out by comScore, a global media analytics firm. Twitter has moved up by one position and it is now in the 13th position One of the most popular apps sued by the younger generation to communicate and share messages and images as well as videos with friends and family, the WhatsApp, does not even feature in the top 15 list of the most popular Smartphone apps used in the U.S.

Apple Music is also gaining popularity among the young music lovers in America and has moved on to the 14th position in the most popular US app list. Apple has overtaken Snapchat to move to the 14th position in the popular apps list.

Apple is ruling the roost when it comes to the top original equipment manufacturer list with a market share of 44.2%. Google Android is the undisputed leader in the Smartphone platform list with a market share of 51.4%.

Samsung was in the second position when it comes to Smartphone market share with 27.3% and LG followed Samsung with a market share of 8.7%. Motorola with 4.9% and HTC with 3.5% bagged the 4th and the 5th positions respectively in the most popular US Smartphone list. This news was also released by com Score through a statement.

There are as many as 192 million people owning smartphones in the United States, according to the findings by comScore that ended in July this year.