Receiving notifications is one of the best perks you get when you make use of social media platforms. Facebook offers you notifications whenever someone comments on your photo or tags you or replies to your comment or pokes you, etc. But, getting these notifications when you are browsing Facebook using your Chrome app is not a possible function till now.

Facebook looks to have found the secret formula that will give the Android chrome users the option to enable notifications for Facebook. This new feature offered by Facebook will give you the option of getting the notifications that come to your Facebook account even if you are using the mobile web version of the Facebook website. So, this new feature for Android Chrome users gives you the option of enjoying the app version of Facebook even if you are an Android Chrome user.

Facebook Notifications Can Be Received By Android Chrome Users

This feature will be a very useful one for users who are having bandwidth constraints on their mobile and cannot download the Facebook app because of data usage restrictions. This is also a simple way to use to avoid getting bothered by notifications coming up on your phone from time to time.

If you are now browsing the Facebook website using the Google Chrome browser on your phone, you will be asked if you would like to receive notifications or not. Just tap on receive notifications to activate this new feature and you will get Facebook notifications like you get using the Facebook app on your mobile.

Google had announced about this planned feature in spring, but it did not materialize then. It is only now that Facebook has added this feature for the Android Chrome users. This new feature is a very important thing to offer for sites like Facebook as it will allow the Facebook users to check out the comments and to reach other Facebook users without needing to install the Facebook app on the phone.

This is also an ideal way to overcome certain obstacles when using the app like variable data access. This gives you the freedom to access the Facebook site on a mobile browser, anytime you want without the interference of any pop ups or alerts.

No matter whether you like to receive Facebook notifications or do not like it when you are browsing Facebook using Chrome mobile browser, you have full control over the Chrome settings to turn this feature on or off at any time.