Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites on the internet that is used by millions of people every day all over the globe. Facebook started its operations in 2004 and is now looking to go beyond just being a site where users will be able to connect with family and friends and also establish new contact friends.

There are two new shopping features that Facebook is currently testing that will help users to buy products from the Facebook app itself. Facebook will now have a significant say in how different brands communicate and sell to users. As the mobile handsets and other devices are slowly taking over the desktop browsers, there is no doubt that in future Facebook could become the most popular destination for shopping items than just being a social networking site.

Facebook Testing On Shopping Features Highlights Its Move Into E-commerce

The Facebook platform will test a shopping bookmark that will be on offer for a few Facebook users in the United States for a couple of weeks. The new shopping bookmark will be seen in the ‘more’ tab that will feature a product range that come up, according to the likes that the user has made on the Facebook pages.

The products that are offered on the Shopping bookmark will be ones that are chosen from the businesses that have started to make use of the shop section on the individual Facebook pages like apparel, accessories, and many more. The main difference from the Facebook shopping feature and others is that all the products will be appearing in one place itself.

Facebook has also revealed another feature today called the Canvas feature. The scrolling Facebook that you see will turn into impressive ones with the help of this feature. Once you click on the ad that you like, it will come up on your device’s full screen and you can choose the color or a variant or size of the product and buy it right through Facebook. You need not have to visit the seller’s website to make the purchase or get more details.

Only after the testing of the two features will Facebook be making the features available to the general public. There is no doubt that people will really enjoy making use of such features as it gives them an option of buying right from Facebook mobile app. As people are spending most of their time using Facebook app, it is not a bad idea to include Shopping Feature on FB.