Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was one of the speakers at the United Nations Private Sector, 2015 meet and talked about internet connectivity and what it can do to mankind. Facebook is working in collaboration with the UN to help the refugees of the Syrian civil war to have access to the internet. This will help the refugees to communicate easily while they are seeking resettlement.

The Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg, said on Saturday at the UN, that the internet connectivity will help refugees get better support from the aid community. It will also give them the option to maintain a link with their family and loved ones. The quality of life can be increased with access to the internet. This is the best tool that will help in not just communicating with one another, but will also help in freeing the people from poverty.

Facebook To Bring Internet Access To UN Refugee Camps

The Facebook CEO pledged that his company would continue to offer support to developing countries. When all people all over the world are connected through the internet, it augurs well to build a common global community to enable shared understanding.

All popular tech giants like Google, Facebook and many others are committed to expanding internet connectivity across the globe. If they are able to get their vision turn into a reality, then billions and billions of people will be able to use their services. This way Facebook will be able to connect everyone in the world through its social media platform.

Facebook is also committed to eradicate extreme poverty from the face of the earth by 2030, a goal that was set on Friday.

The idea of expanding internet far and wide to all corners of the globe is not something new to Zuckerberg. He launched the internt.org in August 2013 with the mission to connect more than 5 billion people across the globe without accessing the internet.

The main challenge that the modern day generation is facing is to connect the world. The Facebook CEO posted a message on his Facebook page that his goal is to make the global internet access as the top priority of this universe.

Zuckerberg said that as many as 140 million jobs can be created by expanding the internet access. This will help millions of struggling people to get a job. He said that for every 10 people that get access to the internet, one person will become free from poverty. Such is the power of the internet.