CrashIn Ocean Township New Jersey, 41-year-old Travaris Reevey was arrested after an incident with his four-year-old son. Rather than normal toddler behavior, Reevey now faces child endangerment charges after his son drove a car into a building late yesterday morning.

According to local law enforcement authorities, the father admitted he left both the four-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter in a running car without supervision. As stated by Detective Lt. Kevin Faller, after the father left the vehicle with the children inside, the boy climbed from the back into the driver’s seat. Although no one knows how, somehow the boy was able to put the vehicle in reverse.

Faller went on to explain that after the vehicle was put in reverse, the child actually backed away, across the parking lot, and directly into a stairway wall made from brick. Fortunately, neither the boy nor his younger sister was injured.

However, the father did not fare so well. In addition to the charges of child endangerment, Reevey had other legal problems to include a $250 court warrant out of Ashbury Park New Jersey for contempt.

Following the incident, the boy and his sister were handed over to their mother but in addition, notification went out to the New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency who will follow up on the case to ensure the children are not in any additional danger.

After being arrested, Reevey was released from custody on his own recognizance although he will have to appear before a judge in a court-ordered hearing. For the Ashbury Park warrant, Reevey paid bail with an additional court hearing scheduled.