Three UK school girls have fled the country in what is suspected to be a bid to join ISIS. The three Kadiza Sultana, 16, Shamima Begum 15 and a 15 year old who is unnamed all from the area of east London, flew on Tuesday from Gatwick airport to Istanbul, Turkey without leaving messages for friends or family.

Detectives at Scotland Yard appealed on Friday for any information about the three girls, who all attend the same school and have been described as three normal, straight-A students.

The head of the Metropolitan Police’s counterterrorist unit said the three runaways were good friends with a 15-year old who fled in December to Syria.

He told reporters the unit was becoming more concerned each day with the growing trend of teenage girls showing interest in joining the Islamic State the radical militant group, which is known for its notoriously barbaric treatment of its hostages and for its oppression of women.

Police said the three families of the girls are devastated but a good possibility exists that the three have not yet crossed into Syria and are in Turkey.

The three girls were seen last in their homes Tuesday morning when they each gave plausible excuses to be out for the day. Later the same day, the three were reported missing. The three met at the airport where they flew on Turkish Airlines that landed Tuesday evening in Turkey.

The two girls who have been named are Bangladeshis born in Britain, while the third is not being named at the request of her family.

Authorities are worried that once the girls arrive and find out how things are with IS they will want to return and that right is often taken away when under IS control. Because of that, it is crucial that authorities locate the girls while they are still in Turkey.

A study shows that women, who travel to Syria from Britain, revel in the brutality of IS.