For women who are suffering from infertility issues, they will be heartened to hear that regular exercise and weight loss will help them to improve their chances of bearing children. Many women nowadays suffer from PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome which is a hormonal disorder that causes infertility in women.

Fertility In Women Can Improve With Exercise And Weight Loss

The findings of the study confirm that a healthy diet and exercise can help bring about stability in the ovulation cycle in women which in turn can aid in fertility. As per the authorities in gynecology, obstetrics and public health in Penn State College of Medicine, infertility linked to hormonal disorders lead to several complications in women. In PCOS there are cysts formed on the ovaries which are the unfertilized eggs and the symptoms of hormonal disorder are manifested as excessive growth of body hair, acne, weight gain, pelvic pain and irregular periods.

Live and successful births are linked to weight loss as per the group who has led this study. In case of PCOS women are asked to undertake oral contraceptive pills in order to stabilize the ovulation cycle. At this stage there are negative changes found in the normal metabolic process due to the intake of oral contraceptive pills. In order to combat the negative impact of this medication it is imperative that a weight loss regime be followed along with exercise.

Many women face infertility issues due to hormonal disorders which are often aggravated by irregular lifestyle patterns. Hence, it is imperative that, whether one is suffering from PCOS or any other condition that brings on infertility, the hormonal balance needs to be restored in the system. For that reason, the metabolic system needs to be put in place. As the drug based system of treatment for PCOS could aggravate the hormonal disorders, it is imperative that women suffering from these conditions take up intervention in the form of regulated diet and exercise. These are the only sustainable solutions to keeping the body weight in check and getting the metabolism back in working order.

Women who suffer from fertility issues need to be monitored even after they conceive. That is because the hormonal secretion needs to be adequate to carry the conception to full term. The study included two groups where one group was placed on a 16 week program with diet restriction and increase in physical activity while the other group was simply placed on ovulation induction therapy alone. The first group recorded a higher ovulation rate than the second group.