Are you using Google Chrome browser to browse the internet on your computer? Do you find the Flash advertising that comes up in corners of the page really annoying? Well, you will get freedom from the Flash advertising since September 1 when using Google Chrome browser as Google has decided to block the Flash advertising.

Google has made an announcement that from September1, it will be turning off all the Flash animations that hit your Chrome browser when working on the internet. The Flash animation will be turned into static images. This will help the Chrome users to be safe from all malicious injections that come along with the Flash animation advertisements.

Flash Advertising In Google Chrome Will Be History From September 1

The Flash animation that is in the center of the webpage will not be converted to static image. The Chrome browser will ideally stop all the Flash animations that are seen in other areas as they are Flash advertisements.

Google is doing this in order to make the Chrome browser load faster and also to offer rich and unique web browsing experience for its users. The central content will not be disturbed by this new step taken by Google and hence video playing on a webpage will not be interrupted.

If Google accidentally stops any Flash content that you are interested in, then you have the liberty to click on the image to resume its playback. This feature will help in saving the power of your unit and this thereby you will be able to surf the web longer. You will not need to hunt for power chargers regularly to power up your system.

Google is currently working closely with Adobe to improve the Chrome’s page loading speed and to offer a better and unique experience for Chrome browser users. Google has its headquarters in Mountain View, California and is working day and night to offer better and faster browsing experience for Chrome users.

All Flash based content, especially any advertisements that you do not want to see, will be automatically blocked when the Google Chrome loads the webpage you are looking for. Only the important plug-ins will be allowed by Google and this will help in reducing any storage on the browser’s cache.

This initiative by Google will help the end users from being an easy target of malvertising, where online advertisements with spyware and malware access all details of the user’s computer. Now, the web surfers will not have to hunt for the tab from which a sound suddenly pops up when using multiple tabs.

The advertisers and companies are not taking this new initiative by Google in their stride as they fear that this will hit the companies running on low technology very badly.