This is a story for every young adult who is struggling to lose weight or should be thinking about it. Javon Anderson is a twenty six year old football player who hails from Detroit and admits to have been on the heavier side most part of his young life. Anderson having come into focus with the incredible weight loss he has achieved, he was interviewed by ABC News where he stated that the weight problem did not irk him till he was in high school when his weight gain went up suddenly.

He was good at nose tackle on the defensive which was a position he played in high school as well as in Wayne State University. For his playing it was to his advantage if he bulked up. As it is advantageous to have bulk to stop the linesmen, he ballooned up and his heaviest weight reached a figure of 330 pounds in college. With this weight he started to have other issues. By 2014 he started to feel sluggish and low on energy to go about life. For these reasons he realized that he had to address the issue of excess body weight.

Football Player Sheds An Incredible 135 Pounds Excess Weight

The process started when at work there was a weight loss challenge. He took it up and started feeling the results on his health. This fueled him to go on the weight loss track and to see the benefits. With determination Anderson was able to come down from a weight of 330 pounds to 195 pounds in a time frame of seven months. The weight loss win series showcased on Yahoo Health talked about his staggering weight loss of 135 pounds.

He stated that it was easier when he changed his eating habits and the kind of food he consumed. He simply cut back on sugars and carbs. He also reduced the portion size of his meals. Instead of consuming one or two large meals that he used to before, he started to have five to six meals in small portions in order to keep up the metabolism level in his body.

He also received help to lose weight from his trainer who started him off on a workout routine that was dynamic, comprising of boot camp style training involving the full body. A planned workout was helpful to reduce the weight and to keep up the weight loss. He hopes that others are inspired by his story and are able to achieve healthy weight loss as he has been able to.