The United States Federal Government has closed its investigation into the power steering issues in Ford vehicles. This was done following the recall of the cars by the Ford Motor Co.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agency that was investigating the issue said that the investigation into power steering issues with Ford cars commenced during last fall after it had received complaints from drivers that the power steering feature failed while they were driving the car. This was a serious problem and this issue led to 40 car crashes and 4 injuries.

Ford Steering Issues Investigation Closed by Federal Government

NHTSA said that as many as 850,000 Ford vehicles could be victim of power steering issues. But, Ford said that the issue could be seen on the 394,000 vehicles that it built during September 2010 to February 2012. After this period, Ford had brought a manufacturing change. Those 395,000 vehicles were recalled by Ford earlier this summer.

The cars that were involved in the Ford recall were: Ford Fusion, Flex and Taurus, Lincoln MKT, MKS and MKZ and Mercury Milan. All these cars came with electric power assisted steering. The power steering system used in these cars was the first generation power steering manufactured by TRW Automotive. All cars with the first generation power steering system were recalled by Ford Motor Co. in July this year.

The electric steering connection could cause the loss of electric power steering that could lead to accidents or injuries to drivers.

The NHTSA said that it had received nearly 2,600 complaints related to the power steering defect of Ford cars and there were 10,000 Ford warranty claims that were made for carrying out repairs on power steering. Even though four injuries claims were filed, none of the people injured needed medical attention, said NHTSA. The information about the crashes was not evident to find out the specific cause of the incidents. Hence, they could not verify Electric Assisted Power Steering (EAPS) in each case.

All recorded crashes were low speed impacts either on roadside objects or curbs that resulted in just wheel or minor body damages. The NHTSA says that since Ford has made the recalls of all affected cars, it has closed the investigation on the power steering issue. The agency also said that it is not going to make any further recalls for this issue.

The Federal Government has said on Monday that its research on the Ford car power steering issues has closed as Ford has made the recall and corrected the issue in its cars.