Facebook is one of the leading social media technology giant companies in the world. Facebook is looking at ways to best educate children and has announced that it has entered into a partnership with a network of charter schools to develop educational software to help schools. Any public school that wants this educational software from Facebook can get it for free.

A nonprofit organization called Summit Public Schools, which runs charter schools in California and Washington states, is currently running a “personalized learning plan” for students to study at their own speed. Facebook has tied up with this nonprofit organization to make the learning plan even better.

A Facebook dedicated team will be working with the teachers and the students of schools to improve the software. Facebook plans to offer this software free to all public schools.

Free Education Software Is Being Readied By Facebook

The Facebook version of the software developed by Summit was used by more than 2000 students and 100 teachers in 2014. Summit Public Schools have plans to start a small pilot program. The CEO and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is happy to have partnered with Summit. He said that this partnership shows how engineers and educators can join forces to bring out more meaningful programs to help students learn, rather than doing it individually.

The Summit schools offer all content and assignments online and hence class time can be sued to do real tie projects as well as develop student collaboration. The partnership between Summit Public Schools and Facebook developed after Zuckerberg’s wife Priscilla Chan made a tour of the Summit School in Sunnyvale. She found the education method adopted in the school to be inspiring and effective and asked her husband to take a look at it.

Zuckerberg was also impressed and offered to donate money to the school. The Summit CEO Danie Tavenner asked his help in building the new software to make it even better and this is how Facebook got involved in developing the free education software in partnership with Summit.

At present, Facebook will be teaming with Summit in the pilot program to test out the new technology. The feedback that they receive from the tests will be used to make the software that will be offered free to any school in the United States.

The new software that will be developed by Facebook will not require a Facebook account to join and to operate it. This software will be developed by a special team from Facebook that will be working with Summit independently. The software will be having strict privacy controls in order to safeguard the student data.