One the wake of the claims of some of the Android app makers that Google is using the Android platform to promote its products, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has started an investigation into this matter.

There is growing concern from Android app makers that Google is unfairly making use of the Android mobile operating system to make its products like Google Search, Google Maps, etc. more popular.

FTC To Investigate Google’s Alleged Use Of Android For Product Promotion

There seems to be no end to Google’s regulatory problems. It has stretched far and wide all across the globe and now it is coming back home. The investigation into the misuse of the Android operating system was at its preliminary stage.

There might also be no end to this investigation and it could also go anywhere. This is the latest antitrust problem that the popular search engine giant company is facing at the moment.

Google does not enjoy direct profits from its Android mobile operating software. This is installed in a majority of the phone manufactured globally and is not part of the Apple phone.

The Android operating system is seen in about 52% of the phones manufactured in the world. Its main competitor Apple is the most valuable Smartphone Company and it still commands half of the market.

This investigation is not just about Android, but is largely based on whether Google is taking unfair advantage of the Android software to promote its popular services. The Android is an open package offered by Google and it does not have full control over the software leading mobile manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Motorola have the option to add their own apps and packages to their Android on their phones.

If these companies want to add a Google package on their phones, then they will have to take a bundle package that includes Gmail, Google Maps, Google search, that comes pre-installed in the phone.

As Google gets the home screen advantage, many of the app makers feel that they cannot compete with the giant company where people are making use of mobile phones more than desktop computers.

This is why the app makers have made claims to the Justice Department about the misuses of Android operating system software by Google. The inquiry into this matter by the FTC is in the fact finding stage. It has not yet contacted Google with regards to this matter. The only thing we know now is that FTC is serious about this issue and has appointed dedicated staff members to investigate the claims.