Full HouseFor many months, rumors have circulated that the popular sitcom, Full House, was gearing up for a reunion and now, it has been confirmed, While on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, one of the original cast mates John Stamos, confirmed that a sequel will take place.

From 1987 to 1995, the cast of Full House filled millions of home with laughter, love, and quirkiness. According to Stamos, the new series will be called Fuller House, which will focus primarily on DJ Tanner’s character who was and will be played by Candace-Cameron-Bure.

As part of the storyline, Tanner, her children, her sister Stephanie, who will be played by the original actress Jodie Sweetin, and best friend Kimmy, played by Andrea Barker, will join John Stamos known as Uncle Jesse.

Stamos will also produce the Netflix series that is scheduled to air sometime next year. As far as the other original cast members coming on board, to include Bob Saget, Davie Coulier, Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate Olsen, and Lori Loughlin, reportedly discussions are taking place.

One of the biggest accomplishments would entail getting the Olsen twins to join the series. While still very young, the twins took turns playing the role of Michelle Tanner. Now as adults, the twins have highly successful careers in the world of fashion design.

Although nothing has been confirmed about the Olsen twins, some believe they will have guest roles, perhaps living overseas where they work on their designer fashion line. However, even without the twins being full-time cast members, many loyal fans of the show are excited about its return.

Stamos shared some of the plot behind Fuller House, which involves DJ Tanner-Fuller working as a veterinarian, being pregnant, and widowed while living in San Francisco, which was the setting for the original Full House. As for Stephanie, she will be an aspiring musician and single mother, also living in San Francisco.

The all-time funny Kimmy will be joined by Ramona, her feisty teenager. All the women decide to live under the same roof to help DJ raise the two boys she has, which includes JD, a rebellious 12-year-old, and neurotic Max who is 7.

The anticipation is that Netflix will pick up 13 episodes of Fuller House, which will have music as a major part of the scene. In the original show, John Stamos was a musician so there is a chance that Stephanie will somehow pick up where he left off.