The global Agrochemicals is segmented on the basis of by type, by crop type, and geography. The report on global agrochemicals forecast, 2012-2022 (by type, by crop type, and geography) provides detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.

The global Agrochemicals is expected to grow exponentially due changing agrochemicals usage patterns of pesticides followed by increased global population & consumer health awareness, as reported by, Brisk Insights. The Global Agrochemicals Market is majorly driven by factors like changing agrochemicals usage patterns and increased global population & consumer health awareness. However, growing environmental concerns regarding the use of agrochemicals and the presence of eco friendly alternatives are restraints for the market growth.

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Agrochemicals are generally used by mixing with the soil and spraying on the crops. The primary functions of agrochemicals include protection of crops, improvement of crop yields, maintenance of the food & soil quality and modification of the growth process of plants. The application market for agrochemicals market is segmented as follows: by type, service, by crop type, and by geography. In terms of global demand for agrochemicals market, the developing countries in Asia Pacific region are expected to show a steadfast growth by the end of forecast period. China followed by Japan and India are anticipated to have favorable agrochemicals market by 2022.

The Global agrochemicals market is facing an intense competition due to the presence of a large number of both, big and small firms. New product launches, mergers & acquisitions, and partnerships and expansions are the key strategies adopted by market players to ensure their growth in the market. The market is dominated by players such as Israel Chemicals Ltd. (Israel), Yara International ASA (Norway), The Mosaic Co. (U.S.), BASF SE (Germany), and Dow Chemicals Limited (U.S.).

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Scope of the Report

Global Agrochemicals market by type, 2012 – 2022


1.1. Nitrogenous Fertilizers
1.2. Urea
1.2.1. Ammonium Sulfate
1.2.2. Ammonium Nitrate
1.2.3. Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)
1.2.4. Ammonia
1.2.5. Other Nitrogenous Fertilizers
1.3. Phosphatic Fertilizers
1.3.1. Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP)
1.3.2. Mono-Ammonium Phosphate (MAP)
1.3.3. Triple Superphosphate (TSP)
1.3.4. Other Phosphatic Fertilizers
1.4. Potassic Fertilizers
1.4.1. Pesticides
1.4.2. Organophosphates
1.4.3. Acephate
1.4.4. Chlorpyrifos
1.4.5. Diazinon
1.4.6. Dimethoate
1.4.7. Glyphosate
1.4.8. Malathion
1.4.9. Methamidophos
1.4.10. Other Organophosphates Pesticides
1.5. Pyrethroids
1.5.1. Bifenthrin
1.5.2. Cypermethrin
1.5.3. Deltamethrin
1.5.4. Lambda-Cyhalothrin
1.5.5. Permethrin
1.5.6. Other Pyrethroid Pesticides
1.6. Biopesticides
1.6.1. Spinosad
1.6.2. Abamectin
1.6.3. Other Biopesticides
1.7. Neonicotinoides
1.7.1. Imidacloprid
1.7.2. Thiacloprid
1.7.3. Thiamethoxam
1.7.4. Acetamiprid
1.7.5. Other Neonicotinoides Pesticides
1.8. Other Pesticides
1.8.1. Benzoylurea
1.8.2. Hydrazides
1.8.3. Fipronil
1.8.4. Indoxacarb
1.8.5. Other Acaricides

Global Agrochemicals market by crop type, 2012& 2022 ($ BILLION)

2.1. Cereals & Grains
2.2. Oilseeds & Pulses
2.3. Fruits & Vegetables
2.4. Other Crop Types

Global Agrochemicals market, regional outlook, 2012-2022 ($ BILLION)

3.1. North America
3.2. Europe
3.3. Asia Pacific
3.4. Middle East & Africa
3.5. Central & South America

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Competitive Landscape

4.1. BASF SE
4.2. The DOW Chemicals Company
4.3. E. I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company
4.4. Yara International ASA
4.5. Monsanto Company
4.6. Israel Chemicals Limited
4.7. Sociedad Química Y Minera S.A.
4.8. The Mosaic Company
4.9. Syngenta AG
4.10. Bayer Cropscience AG

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