In recent years, as famous international brands Tyco/AMP and Molex have moved their production base to China, electronic connector market is expanding. For now, there are many electronic connector producers in China but most of them are small in size.
As the function of electronic products becomes more diversified and design becomes modularized, electronic connector plays an increasingly important role in electronic products. With downstream markets such as automotive, computer, household appliance, etc. developed rapidly, the production power gradually concentrates in China.

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In this report, AMR will further disclose market potential and commercial opportunities for electronic connector industry in China. Recommendations will be given at the end of the report to describe the prospect and provide suggestions for strategy making.

I Overview of Electronic connectors Industry in China
I-1 Regulation and Policy
I-2 Technology Analysis
I-3 Supply And Demand Situation
I-3.1 Output of Electronic connectors
I-3.2 Demand for Electronic connectors
II Industrial Chain of Electronic connectors Industry in China
II-1 Upstream Analysis
II-1.1 Copper Output
II-1.2 Copper Price
II-2 Downstream Analysis
II-2.1 Computer
II-2.2 Automotive
II-2.3 Consumption Electronics
II-2.4 Airline
II-2.5 Household Appliance

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III Import and Export Analysis of Electronic connectors Industry in China, 2009-2014
III-1 Import Analysis of Electronic connectors Industry
III-2 Export Analysis of Electronic connectors Industry
IV Key Players of Electronic connectors Industry in China
IV-1 Shenzhen Deren Electronic Co., Ltd.
IV-2 Guizhou Aerospace Electronics Co., LTD.
IV-3 China Aviation Optical-Electrical Technology Co., LTD.
IV-4 LUXSHARE Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
IV-5 Singatron Electronic (China) Co., Ltd.
IV-6 TE Connectivity
IV-7 Molex Interconnect (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
IV-8 Shanghai Yilisu Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.

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