The German automaker, Volkswagen, is currently enjoying a very good sales period in the United States. There are as many as nine different models of VW cars that are on sale in the USA. Volkswagen has sold as many as 238,074 units of cars this year till the end of August month.

One of the most popular models of Volkswagen that is selling like hot cakes is the Golf car. It has accounted for 44,416 sales out of the total of 238,074 units this year. The Golf was voted as the 2015 North American car of the year. The Golf and its variants are having very good sales run in the U.S. this year. The Golf units have registered a sales increase of 150% in comparison to the same period last year.

Golf Helps Volkswagen Boost Sales In The US

This is the year when Volkswagen has been able to sell the most number of Golf cars that it has ever sold in the U.S. Golf has accounted for 19% of the entire car brand sales this year, which is a remarkable figure. What makes Golf sales outstanding is the fact that the compact car segment has just got a boost of 1.1% this year when compared to last year’s sales figure.

One of the main factors that has added to the successful selling of the Golf cars is the MQB platform on which the car is built. This platform will allow different powertrains to be fitted on the same assembly line. The Golf vehicles have been designed to suit the U.S. market. Volkswagen USA worked with a selection of dealers to improve the retail offers to suit U.S. consumers. The European driving style and experience are maintained in the Golf cars sold in the USA.

The wide varieties of Volkswagen Golf cars sold in the U.S. has meant that consumers have a lot of choices in front of them to buy a compact car. Volkswagen has expanded the Golf range a bit and is selling not just the standard Golf varieties, but different extremes from e-Golf to Golf R. VW USA also has plans to come out with an all wheel drive Spotswagen model next year.

Volkswagen says that the Golf is a role model for the U.S for the company. VW wants to take this success a bit further and will implement the lessons that they have learnt in the future models as well. Volkswagen looks to have found the right formula to woo the US car buyers after decades of unsuccessful run in the U.S.