Google pulled out of its services in China about five years back. It refused to carry out self censoring the search results needed by the Chinese government. Since that incident, Google has been keeping a very low key in China, which is said to be one of the biggest internet markets.

Most of the services offered by Google are said to be inaccessible in China. Now, the new CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, wants to get into China and wants Google to enjoy a better internet market on the Chinese map. He has openly said that he wants to get back into the China Mainland through its Google Play, the most popular app store for all Android mobile operating system.

Google Entry Into China With Google Play Will Not Be Easy

The ride for Google and Sundar Pichai will not be a smooth one and there will be thorns in the pathway. Google knows that they need to have a base in China and Google Play is the best way to set base in China. Once the base is set, Google can expand its other services in China and make use of the world’s biggest internet market.

Google has not declared in the open that it wants to revamp its Play Store in China during this year. It just pointed out in the comments made by its CEO Pichai in exploring the ways of taking Google Play Store to mainland China.

Google has lost out on all of its popular services in China, like the search and video streaming, to other Chinese players like Alibaba, Baidu, Qihoo 360 and Tencent. All of these companies have their unique products and services to replace the popular offers from Google.

The WeChat messaging app of Tencent is a very popular one in China that offers users options to book cabs, make payments, play games and do a lot of other things. Then, depending on the app stores are slowly going into oblivion in China and some parts of Asia and have now taken form in the shape of messaging apps.

Google cannot ignore China for long as it is a huge market. Apple Inc. is operating in China by complying with the laws of the land and has made about $13.2 billion in the last quarter, from the China operations.

Google will have to comply with the Chinese law if it has any plans of getting a strong base in China through the Play Store. Google will have to offer the Chinese government to access their information, meet censorship requests and store all the data in China if it has to make inroads with Google Play Store in china.