Google has updated its logo today. After undergoing major restructuring recently, Google has come up with a big change in its image. The word mark logo has undergone changes after it was created for the first time in 1998, but today’s change was a big one after 1999.

Google is using the sans-serif typeface for the logo and this updated logo looks more modern and mischievous. The new logo resembles to the logo of the present parent company of Google, Alphabet. The word mark of the alphabet is in red color and Google is still using the four-color word mark.

The slanted “O”s in the earlier logo has become straight and the word mark is easier to read as the letters are more distinct.

Google Has Updated Its Logo

The change in the logo will also reflect on the browser tabs. The lowercase “g” logo that appears on the browser tabs have been changed to uppercase “G” with the four colored stripes.

According to Google soon all its products will be using the new design. The homepage of Google already has an animated hand that wipes away the old design and drawing the latest logo.

Google has been planning the logo change for quite some time as the company believes that the changes in technology has changed the way the users interact with the Google products and with the internet. The new logo will reflect the growth of Google as a collection of sites, services, apps that are available on your PCs, smart phones and Chrome books.

Google is not a site that you used to visit using your desktop; it is present everywhere in your life where you will be able to use a web browser.

It seems one of the major considerations of Google while designing the new logo was to make it more visible on small screens as well. The simple lettering in the new logo will be easily adjustable to smaller screens.

Google will find it easier to display the logo on connections with lower-bandwidth. The earlier logo on the Google was ~14,000 bytes and Google has made a version of its new logo at 305 bytes.

The new CEO of Google Sundar Pichai wants to make Google reach to areas of the world where Google is not already present and this logo change is going to help in achieving this goal in a big way.

Google has to change the logo in all its property, products, pages, blogs and various other services and it will be a huge task for the company. The uppercase “G” has already started to appear in their services. Google + has a colorless version of the new “G”.