Google Inc. has just hired veteran car specialist from Detroit, John Krafcik to possibly help them in commercializing their self driving car project they have conceived. Google has hired the auto industry veteran to give them the right direction to bring out the self driving cars and to make it a successful business.

The announcement of hiring the auto veteran John Krafcik was made on Monday by Google and his experience can do a world of good to them. He has decades of experience in the auto industry and his inputs will be valuable in helping Google surge in the self driving car business that they want to embark on very soon.

Google Is Getting Ready To Build Self Driving Cars

John Krafcik started his auto career with General Motors and then spent over a decade with Ford. Then he moved on to join the popular South Korean auto giant company Hyundai and was also responsible partly for bringing the Hyundai cars back again on the American roads. He was recently made the President of TrueCar, a website that offers consumers tips on buying cars.

Hiring John Krafcik is one of the most high profile hire that Google has made in order to push its self driving cars and to make their dream a reality. This is a clear sign that Google is very serious about its driverless car concept and wants to move forward with pace in achieving their mission. Google is surely building a real car and not a toy or a game car.

The hiring of John Krafcik by Google is done in a similar fashion to Apple hiring Doug Betts, a past quality czar at Chrysler. This was touted in the auto industry and by many analysts that Apple is all set to come out with the Apple car. This was looked as an effort from the company’s side to expand its wings and to get involved in the rapidly increasing interest in the technical side of the cars. But, Apple’s hire of Betts, does look quite awkward to pursue any car business as Betts was under severe criticism of underperforming in Chrysler.

But, Krafcik is a different fish altogether and has all the skills with him that will help a company looking to build its new car. His entire career has been spent building new cars in the future and he will be a true asset for the Google Inc. company to make their passion for the driverless car become a reality.