One of the most important things that people look for when browsing the internet is the speed of the internet connection. In this day and age, nobody has the time to watch videos or movies on the internet with a lot of buffering. Everyone wants to access the internet with high speed connectivity, but this is not possible without a good high speed internet provider. Google is one such internet service provider in the United States that offers high speed and ultra fast internet connectivity.

Google Inc. through its Google Fiber service has been able to offer ultra fast internet service to the customers. Now, it wants to expand its wings and cover some more parts of America. Google has announced that it wants to cover Irvine, Kentucky, Louisville and San Diego areas also with its Google Fiber service.

Google Looking To Expand Its Internet Service To More Cities

The existing internet service providers offer 16 Mbps speed and once Google’s’ ‘Google Fiber’ comes into prominence all over America you will be able to access the internet at a speed of one Gbps. This is almost 100 times faster than any normal internet service provider. Google has to work out its logistics with the respective state governments as well as government leaders to go ahead with its internet service expansion plan.

Already Google has the permission to run its Google fiber internet service in 24 states in America and once it gets the nod from the Government, it will be able to provide the service in the above mentioned places as well.

The search engine giant has revealed that it is ready for talks with the Government heads of these three states, Irvine in California, San Diego and Louisville in Kentucky, in the coming months to reach a quick decision to set up its internet service.

Video chats, downloading music and movies, uploading family videos and video chatting will be far more efficient and quick once Google Fiber internet service is launched. You will not have to wait for the videos to buffer before you watch it on your mobile or computer or laptop. You will not have any hassles in playing high quality and 3D graphic games on the internet.

Google Fiber is currently available for users in Kansas City, Austin in Texas and Provo in Utah. Google knows that the speed of the internet will have greater importance in the coming years. Google wants to offer high speed internet connectivity to all users.