YouTube will release an app that is child friendly and aimed at bringing content that is kid appropriate to mobile users. The free app YouTube Kids will be available to be downloaded on only Android devices, starting February 23. An availability date for iOS has not been released.

Designed for tablets and smartphones, YouTube Kids features original content from Jim Henson TV, Talking Tom and Friends, DreamWorks TV, Mother Goose Club and more.

The programs from Reading Rainbow, National Geographic Kids and Thomas the Tank Engine are going to provide hours of entertainment for children.

Users can look through channels as well as playlists in four different categories such as Explore, Learning, Music and Shows. They can also search for topics such as spaceships or seashells to find videos that are specific to their search. There will be new content as well going forward said the company.

A spokesperson for National Geographic Kids said they want kids of all ages as well as their parents to enjoy their playlists and to spark their curiosity to learn even more.

One person familiar with YouTube Kids said the new app would likely include controls for parents. A timer for example can be set to limit the amount of time your child can used the service.

This news comes after Google confirmed in December its plans to create versions of its most popular existing products specifically for a group of consumers who were 12 years of age and younger.

Last year, the Internet search giant refunded $19 million in purchase charges for in-apps made by children via devices operating on Android.

Last month Vine, which is owned by Twitter, released Vine Kids. The app offers a myriad of animated videos appropriated for children. Kids can just swipe right or left to watch a new Vine, as well as tap their screen to listen to fun sounds.