Google launched Android Pay, the mobile payment system for the first time in the United States. This will allow the Smartphone users to make payments for their purchases through their phone at millions of locations in the country.

Google announced the launch of their tap-to pay system earlier this year. Android Pay will be a challenge to the system offered by Apple for iPhones.

According to the blog post made by the Pali Bhat, the Product Manager, more than one million stores in the United States allow their customers to pay through this system.

Google’s ePayment System Launched In US

This system for payment can be used by Smartphone which are near-field communication (NFC) enabled and running on KitKat 4.4 and above operating system from Google.

It has been estimated that the rapidly increasing mobile payment market will be reaching $1trillion by 2017. Technology companies want more and more shoppers to opt for their Smartphone to pay the purchases rather than using the plastic money.

Android Pay will be supporting the credit and debit cards which are issued by banks and financial institutions in U.S.

The company, based in Mountain View, California, announced that in the coming months they will add more banks, store locations and features which will make it easier for the users to make payments with their phone.

The shoppers will have to bring the mobile phone near to the credit card terminal in the shop, so that the NFC will create a connection to make the payment. The users of the Android Pay will be able to store the credit card details, other important data and loyalty points on their Smartphone.

It is possible for the current users of the Google wallet app to access the new Android Pay by updating the app.

The new users will be able to download the Android pay app from the Google app store. Google system will generate a virtual account number or token when you are making the transaction instead of giving the credit card details to the retailer. This will protect your actual data from theft.

Some of the retailers who were the first to participate in Android Pay are: Macy’s, Subway, and Bloomingdale, etc. It is expected that Google will extend the system to mobile checkouts in some of the apps by the end of this year.

Samsung released its mobile wallet service “Samsung Pay” last month in South Korea. From September last week, it will be available in the US also.

Google has however not revealed when Android Pay will be accessible for users outside the U.S.