You need not have to think about your router if all your favorite websites and YouTube videos make their way easily on your PC or laptop at home. It is only when you experience drop in your connection speed or have trouble using the router interfaces, you are worried about your router. If you want to get rid of router errors and do not want to face any glitch when you watch movies or TV shows online, then you need to get the best router in the business and that is the Google On-Hub router. Google has come out a router to fix all common problems you face with a modern day router.

The $200 On-Hub router from Google offers superior Wi-Fi coverage and the user experience is really of the highest quality. The On-Hub router is special as Google has partnered with most popular TP-Link to come out with a reference model that offers everything needed in the modern day router. The cylindrical packed router looks pleasing to the eyes and does have all ingredients in it and enough power in its brain so that you get flowing and uninterrupted data on the channels that you would like to see.

Google’s On-Hub Router For Hassle Free Web Experience

On-Hub will work on finding the best Wi-Fi connection that will be suited for you so that you get a far better connection than what you experience when you use a standard router. It is of great use to you if you are living in an area where you find a lot of active Wi-Fi Networks.

Google claims that the new On-Hub cylindrical Wi-Fi router will start the online videos faster on your PC or laptop and you will not see any buffering at all if you have a good internet connection. It is very easy to set the On-Hub. All you have to do is to install an app on your Android or iPhone and then pick up your network’s name and password and you are ready to access the internet on your phone quickly and faster than before.

There is an LED ring to show you the status of your internet connectivity and there will be no blinking lights on the On-Hub like you find in many wireless routers. You can use it to easily manage home Wi-Fi network. If you are having any issue with your Wi-Fi connectivity at home, then try out the Google’s new On-hub and see the difference. The On-Hub will also be supporting the new Internet of Things protocol from Google called Weave.