Blake Shelton had been in the news recently about having lost weight. Many were calling it the divorce diet as he had just split with Miranda with whom he had been married for over four years now. The Blake’s representative informed that there was no magic formula, that he was simply exercising and following a diet. Blake had tweeted earlier to his fans, joking about using a push mower the summer months to mow his lawn which might be the secret to his weight loss achievement.

Recently Blake’s weight loss was mentioned when Gwen Stefani joked about it. Blake had lost weight and seemed to be in a good mood while at work on the sets of The Voice on NBC. Indeed, no one has seen him working out or sweating it out at the gym. For that reason Gwen, his co-star on the sets, commented that, all she saw him do is raise the glass. Hence, when asked to comment on how Blake had slimmed down, she stated that all she saw him do was raising the glass. The comments were made when she was interviewed at the presentation held on the Harajuku Lovers fall collection 2015.

Gwen Jokes About Blake’s Weight Loss

The whole world seems to be looking at the reactions of Blake as he recovers from divorce. However, it is hard to make out whether he is heart broken though he has definitely slimmed down after the divorce. Blake appeared at a Nashville concert for free where he seemed to be in a good mood but he did sing about heartbreak. The announcement of divorce between Lambert and Shelton was made in July. Stefani also falls in the same category, though she split from a marriage of thirteen years in which she has had three sons with Gavin Rossdale.

When Blake’s representative was asked how he lost the excess weight, his representative stated that he was doing the things that he hated to do, exercise and diet. Shelton even joked that he was on a divorce diet. He was also in a good mood when he appeared at the free concert in Nashville. He loved the spirit of the country music at the event and stated that he would be drinking much more since then on. It remains to be seen whether he will continue in his improved form or whether his love for the drinks will overcome all the hard work that he put in this summer.