The 2015 Labor Day holiday is expected to be the busiest for the airlines as well as for roads. According to a travel industry organization more than 35.5 million Americans are expected to travel long distances from home during the holiday weekend.

Before the summer comes to an end the Americans want to celebrate the holiday with a trip either by road or by air. It is expected that the air travel will witness a growth of 1.5 % than the year 2014. More than 2.6million people are opting for air travel and this makes the largest travel volume since 2007 during the Labor Day weekend.

High Travel Volume Expected For Labor Day Weekend

The seven day travel period stretching from Sept. 2 to Sept. 8 will see 14.2million travelers using the airlines. According to the projections made by the travel organization about 1.6 million people will be using international flights.

The busiest day expected is Sept.4 Friday. More than 30.4 million will be using cars to reach their destinations and 2.64 million will be using bus, train or boat.

Airline companies have already enhanced their schedules with larger planes and increased number of flights to increase the seat availability to the passengers. The availability of cheaper flights is one of the main reasons for the increase in air travel during the seven days Labor Day period.

In past weeks the gas prices have touched a record low and people are planning to take advantage of this situation. The increased job security and rise in wages are other reasons for this spike in travel plans during the Labor Day period.

As people are getting ready for the Labor Day travel, the law enforcers are also getting ready to tackle the situation. The force will be looking for speeding violations, seat belt violations and drunken drivers.

It is necessary for long distance travelers using their car to check their car before the trip. The tires should have proper pressure and the fluid levels are at optimum. The troopers are warning the travelers to have proper rest before they drive and also to look out for the other drivers while driving. According to the trooper’s texting while driving should be completely avoided to make yourself safe and to make others on the road stay safe.

The record high travel prediction for 2015 Labor Day weekend contradicts the data that Americans do not prefer to travel when the final holiday in the summer is late. The Labor Day this year falls on Sept. 7.

Though the gas prices and airfares are getting low, the hotel rates are climbing high for this holiday weekend.