If you were pleased with the bottle of water and fresh towels laid out in your hotel room, you need to check out the diverse amenities that are being made available for the guests by several luxurious facilities around the world.

It has been seen that, location is one of the factors among several which are counted when travelers are choosing a place of stay at the time of travel. Among the different factors, amenities that are offered are also counted. Those who are globe trotters are experienced and know that several hotels offer unique perks and amenities that extend beyond the mere complementary bottles or a pool within the premises. Indeed, many properties are taking on new initiatives to find ways by which they can create a lavish amenity and add it to the list of offerings on their premises. Some are offering experiences like cultural ceremonies that one can be a part of while others are offering golden iPads. Here are some of the properties that take the cake when it comes to providing amazing amenities to the travelers.

Hotel Amenities Are Being Innovated By Many World Class Facilities

When it comes to luxury amenities, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai is a place where you can expect your wildest dreams come true. In room iPads are offered by many while this hotel takes this facility a notch higher and offers a gold iPad to be used by the guests during their period of stay. The touch screen of the iPad allows guests to browse through the property, access different hotel facilities, housekeeping services as well as find room service or a spa menu, all at the swipe of the screen.

Pretty Beach House located in South Wales in Australia is located in Bouddi National Park which is home to Aboriginals. Here one can witness several rock shelters that have Aboriginal art as well as engravings. The property is located on sacred ground. Hence, the guests who come are allowed to witness a smoking ceremony, which is performed around a fire by the elders of the existing Aboriginal tribe.

If you visit the Relais Villa del Golfo & Spa which is located on Sardinia Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, one will be amazed by the crystal clear water here as well as the windy climate that prevails in this region. One of the amazing amenities included with this hotel is the use of their private yacht which comes with a hostess as well as the skipper and you will be pampered by a tour as well as drinks and dinner on board.