On Saturday an arrest was made by the Sheriff Deputies who is being charged with capital murder. He is guilty of having shot a deputy at a gas station in Houston. The killing has been tied to the anger that the person had towards the police and as the deputy was in uniform, he was made the target of revenge.

The accused, Shannon Miles was found on a surveillance camera and picked up on an early morning Saturday for questioning. The shooting had occurred on Friday night. Miles was signaled out among the faces found at the venue of the shooting as he has prior history of having come into trouble with the authorities and had been arrested for trespassing before.

Houston, Deputy Killer Faces Capital Charges

Hickman, the Harris County Sheriff, linked the cause of death of the deputy to anti police rhetoric among blacks as there had been protests about black men who were unarmed and had died at the hands of white officers. The charges that are being levied against Miles are that he shot the deputy as he was in uniform. Besides that, more information regarding the motive for the killing has not been obtained. The deputy had not met Miles before and there was no instance of provocation between the two before the shooting took place.

The handgun that was used to shoot the victim was recovered and the ballistics test that was carried out proved that the bullets were shot from the same gun. Goforth had been with the force for ten years and had been pumping gas in his car. The victim approached him from the back and shot him. As the victim lay on the ground, the murderer shot him a few times more. Witnesses saw the gunman leaving in a pickup truck red in color. With the vehicle descriptions provided and license plate information Miles was tracked down. He lived hear the gas pumping station.

The shooting had occurred after an incident of two police officers in New York being ambushed and then shot to death by a gunman. It was to avenge the death of black men who had been confronted by the police authorities. The police authorities were subjected to public anger that was unjustified and unfair as per New York Police Commissioner. Hickman also stood strong and defended the law enforcement when protests had come from the public about police who were accused of incarcerating the blacks and causing unnecessary violence. Miles might have been provoked by these sentiments or he could have had a personal agenda which will be revealed later.