After Netflix comes out with a virtual reality app to show their content on VR, it is now time for Hulu to come out with a new virtual reality app to announce the competition among streaming video service providers on the virtual reality headset. There is no doubt that there will be many more VR apps that will be coming up in the next few months from many other content providers.

The virtual reality scenario is really heating up and everyone wants to get a piece of their share on virtual reality. Hulu has announced that it has made a virtual reality app for the Samsung Gear virtual reality headset and will be launching this app next month. The app will allow the Gear VR users to watch their favorite shows offered on Hulu on their headsets. There are reports that Hulu is also looking to come out with programs that are specifically designed with VR in mind.

Hulu Can Be Watched On Virtual Reality From Next Month

The head of distribution of Hulu, Tim Connolly, said that the company is in the final stages of tests on its virtual reality app for Samsung Gear VR. The company is working with many of the quality digital content providers from next month to bring out more content for its VR app.

There is no doubt that Hulu will not have a better time to release the virtual reality app than now as Samsung is all set to bring out the next generation Gear VR system into the market. There is no doubt that there would be a few improvements made to this next generation VR gear from Samsung.

The main thing that has to be noted here is that Samsung is looking to bring out the high quality Gear VR headset into the market at a very attractive price of $99. The plan of Hulu is to launch the virtual reality app coinciding with the launch of the next generation Samsung Gear VR headset. The products will go on sale in November.

Samsung has also chosen the best time to come out with the next generation Samsung Gear VR headset as the holiday season is fast approaching. This will help in boosting the sales of the Gear VR headset and with new apps from Netflix and Hulu. There is no doubt that Samsung is also gearing up for the big fight in the virtual reality headset department in the near future.