The Oshkosh Corp has been able to win the bid to manufacture the light tactical vehicle for the US Army, defeating AM General and Lockheed Martin who are not happy with the outcome. The contract is worth thirty billion US Dollars and is a contract to replace the Humvee fleet owned by the US Army. However, the contract might have instigated a fight that might be fought out in court.

The Oshkosh Corp has been asked to build the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle for the Army and the contract formed is one of the biggest in the history of the US Army. For the size of the contract, conflicts are brewing among AM General, the Humvee maker and Lockheed Martin. As per industrial competition perspectives, these companies might sue the Army as per news reports coming in from the Defense arena.

Humvees That Need To Be Replaced Worth Thirty Billion US Dollars Spark Fights

The program that handed over the contract for JLTV is being touted to be fair and robust with regard to competition and hence, there should not be any ground for a protest to be filed. The size and the scope of the program being large, Oshkosh expects complaints to be launched. The program has been launched and if a protest is filed, it would be a setback for the Army. If any protest is launched, the program would have to be suspended for at least a hundred days till the time the investigations are completed.

The scope of the program is large as it involves a contract to build around 491000 vehicles for Army usage and 5500 would be needed for the Marines. Hence, Oshkorp has certainly landed a big deal, which will catapult it to a larger position in the industry. Hence, protests are expected to come from its competitors and officials from the organizations have stated that they are considering the same.

The Humvee in the meanwhile, lies aging and will probably be replaced. These vehicles were considered critical during the ground wars that took place in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army still has 120.000 Humvees that lie in its inventory while the Marines have around 13000. The vehicles better be put to good use or be refurbished to allow for the making of other vehicles from the components of these equipments. The age of Humvees seems to be over as the JLTVs are the next vehicles that are taking up the limelight with the new engineering technologies and weaponry that are planned to be included in these vehicles.