Those who have been following the scandalous unfolding of the cheater software being used in millions of VW cars which are now being lined up for recall and fixes, they might wonder which breed of vehicles the customers would rely on now. The answer would be the hybrid cars that are being launched by many automakers, which are being tentatively viewed by customers at present.

The latest news shows that about eleven million vehicles which are powered by diesel and sold by Volkswagen as eco friendly and high performance cars by Volkswagen are now being claimed to be fitted with a mask device that has allowed the emissions tests to be cheated every time. This is a case of corporate fraud on a gigantic scale. Those who are straddled with such a vehicle are now at a loss as well as the company which has made them as it will have to spend millions and more to fix the problem before the end of next year.

Hybrid Cars Stand To Benefit From VW Scandal

It also hails bad news for a technology that has been working well for several decades on the grounds of high performance and fuel efficiency. Today the diesel engine technology is being frowned upon as it seems that companies are finding it difficult to keep the emissions levels well below the levels admissible by environmental norms. The technology has been the workhorse that has driven thousands of vehicles in the mass commercial sector as well as the rail industry across the world. Europeans have stood by the diesel technology as the fuel is subsidized highly in most of the European countries. In US diesel has always been looked down upon as it is found to be smelly, loud and slow. Even though it is marketed as a fuel that is greener and cleaner as well as offers fuel economy at a high level as well as torque, the revelation of the rigged diesel engines of VW which are unable to keep to levels below the permitted norms might have put an end to the love for this driving technology.

For those who have favored diesel engines all along, they need not panic as the change will not come by so fast. However, there would be consequences with governments raising the taxes on these vehicles and other restrictive norms being placed which will make the sale of these vehicles go down in comparison to other vehicles. For those who are despairing about the high price of petrol cars, they would do well to look at the battery and hybrid alternatives in the future.