Mercedes Benz showcased its Concept IAA car at the Frankfurt Motor Show today at the media briefing. The IAA stands for Intelligence Aerodynamic Automobile and this car is designed to offer maximum aerodynamic efficiency. This new IAA Concept sedan from the leading luxury automaker in Germany, Mercedes Benz, will transform from the design mode to aerodynamic mode at the press of a button.

The IAA Concept sedan has to just touch a speed of 47 mph for the aerodynamic mode to automatically switch on. The Kammback tail of the IAA concept sedan car can extend up to 15.3 inches when it is on aerodynamic mode.

IAA Concept From Mercedes Benz Debuts At Frankfurt Motor Show

This is a four door coupe that can switch from design mode to aerodynamic mode to offer a drag coefficient of just 0.19 in aerodynamic mode. It is sleeker than the Tesla Model S EV car and it is tied up in the ratings with the American General Motors EV1 electric car. The Mercedes Benz IAA concept sedan is just as aerodynamic as the Volkswagen XL 1.

A total of eight segments extend out from the back of the IAA Concept car when the car is in an aerodynamic mode to increase its overall length by 15 inches. The flaps at the front fascia extend just about an inch and there is also a smaller extender at the rear end of the car. The extenders will prevent the air from the wheel arches and turbulence is controlled by the active rims on the car.

The IAA concept sedan from Mercedes Benz is power driven by a gasoline / electric hybrid system. The engine can generate a total power of 279 HP along with the electric motor. The top speed that the IAA concept can reach is 155 mph.

The design features of the S class and S class coupe is made use in the IAA concept sedan car. There is no doubt that the interiors of the car would be plush and top class, like what we see in most of the luxury cars offered by Mercedes Benz. With touch based functions and great design lines, the IAA concept sedan will be able to woo the electric car buyers easily.

This car is most impressive when in aero mode and it can cover about 41 miles on a single charge. If you switch the car to the design mode, then you will see a drop in the mileage figure on a single charge and it would be 38.5 miles.