On Saturday India and Pakistan agreed to mutually resolve sensitive issues such as ceasefire violations and cross border invasion through trade of data, including by means of email and via phone.

At the conclusion of respective DG-level border talks, the two sides also inked some new certainty building measures (CBMs) and signed a joint record of discussions which emphasized the need to ensure security and prosperity of their border populations.

India, Pakistan Agreed To Resolve Cross Border Issues

It is the first abnormal state cooperation between the two nations after the National Security Adviser level talks planed on August 23-24 was canceled off because of differences over the motivation.

As indicated by sources here, additional stress would be laid on the “most imperative” issue of ceasefire violations in J&K, which have prompted the loss of lives of civilians and soldiers and “unjustifiable” terminating by the Rangers along the International Border (IB).

The issue of “no response” by the other side when BSF raises the ‘white banner’ that is used to show suspension of terminating to permit a meeting of on-ground commanders of the two sides will also be taken up, the sources said.

“The talks will also attempt to focus on positive issues like distinctive levels of correspondence, more simultaneous composed watching and other certainty building measures,” as indicated by a BSF statement.

The two sides also agreed to stop ceasefire violations in the International Border “through upgraded correspondence by means of various modes at all possible levels.”

The Border’s chiefs Security Force and Pakistan Rangers had driven the dialog and both sides kept up that it was held in an exceptionally genial and smooth way and every one of the issues concerning the two nationals along the India – Pakistan border were taken up and resolved.

The two border guarding forces chose to start new CBMs through start of facilitated watching in specific border areas.

“The Joint Record of Discussion graphing a future route map for collaboration between the two border guarding forces was signed in the day. It was commonly agreed to hold the following talks in the first a large portion of 2016 in Pakistan,” a BSF statement said after its DG D.K. Pathak and Rangers chief Maj. Gen. Umar Farooq Burki signed the documents.

“The talks finished on an optimistic note with both sides agreeing on constant try to keep up quiet and peaceful borders,” it included.

Sources said that both the forces, up to the level of Directors General, will trade versatile numbers, email IDs and fax numbers for brisk and swift correspondence to resolve situations on a case-to-case basis.