Facebook owned photo sharing app Instagram is all set to enjoy ad revenue after two years of careful testing. Three big changes are being made by Instagram to enjoy more marketing dollars from around the world. Finally, Facebook will be able to get back the money that it had spent to buy Instagram.

The Instagram app has over 300 million active users every month and the number is growing every day. By introducing the advertisement service on Instagram on a global scale, Facebook is all set to enjoy very good ad revenue. All marketers, big or small, will be able to make use of the Instagram’s platform to buy ads.

Instagram Opens Its Doors For Advertisers

Instagram was earlier offering advertisement options to just eight countries. Now, it has opened its wings and 20 more countries will now be included in the advertisement bracket. By the end of September, Instagram will open up advertising service to over 200 countries.

There is no doubt that there will be a huge beeline of advertisers ready to grab this opportunity with both hands to advertise their products on the popular app Instagram to attract its registered users. From hundreds of large brands, Instagram will now be including thousands of medium and small sized businesses to enjoy presence on Instagram.

There are 2 million advertisers making use of Facebook at present. This is the scale and size of the advertisers that Facebook is looking for its Instagram app as well. This is an easy way to add good revenue to the kitty by broadening the advertising service availability.

Instagram is also offering a couple of new tools for marketers. The company is accepting 30 second video advertisements in order to take advantage of the most popular mobile video format. The marketers can make use of this offer and advertise the photo and video content of their products or services on Instagram either in landscape mode or the vertical mode. Marketers can also run their ad campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time to reach to more people quickly.

There is also a new tool called “Marquee” to be launched by Instagram that will quickly create mass awareness of the product. So, this tool can be used to promote a product launch or a music event or a movie so that it gets instant mass recognition. A ‘shop now’ button is also soon to be launched on Instagram to give consumers instant access to more details or to download the app of the product.