The is one of the most popular ecommerce sites in the United States that gives the people freedom to shop for their favorite goods sitting in the comforts of their home. The dash button is a popular button that shoppers use while shopping on the site as it offers them the option to place their orders instantly. Amazon had been offering the ‘dash’ button option only for limited products.

Amazon has now announced the expansion of the Dash button program on Wednesday and has made it virtually free for all kinds of products, even for Ziploc bags and Orbit Gum. As long as you make the first purchase, you are eligible to enjoy the Amazon dash button program. The dash button was introduced by in March this year on invitation product only.

The Amazon Prime members can now order the Dash button from Amazon by paying $4.99. This amount can be discounted when they make their first purchase on the site. So, this means the Prime members get the dash button option virtually for free. All Prime members, even those paying $99 every year for two day delivery of products and also other benefits, can make use of the free dash button.

Instant Order Dash Button Option Expanded To More Brands By Amazon

The company is adding 11 more brands to the instant shopping dash button option and this will make a total of 29 brands to be sold with the Dash button option. All you need is to tap the button to place an order.

The dash button is very simple and easy to use and many Amazon members have enjoyed the benefit of shopping on Amazon by using this button. Now, you can use the dash button to shop over 500 products from 29 different brands. This will make shopping on the internet hassle free.

The $4.99 button purchase that you pay will be credited back to your account after you make the first order. The best part is that the credit will apply to each button that you use to make purchases. It is a per button credit rather than a onetime credit.

The company has so far not divulged any details as to how many dash buttons have been sold so far since its launch in March. Now, the dash buttons are broadly on offer to all Amazon Prime members and it was previously offered only on invitation basis. The dash button system is fully operational now and Amazon expects most of their customers to make use of the dash button program while shopping at