The rumors about HTC stepping into the Android smart watch watches has been going on for some time now. Every now and then the news of HTC Android wear comes up and suddenly fizzes out of the headlines. Now, there is a rumor doing the rounds on the internet that HTC is interested in coming out with an Android smart watch wear and the device has been condenamed as HTC Halfbeak.

HTC has been listed as an important partner for Android wear by Google earlier. But, HTC was not able to come out with a wearable device for the past one and a half years since the launch of Androids wear. Also, any rumored HTC smart watches during the last one and a half year has just remained a rumor and nothing has materialized out of the rumors.

Is HTC Working On An Android Wear Watch

As HTC is in a shaky financial situation, it would have held back its desire to come out with an Android wear smart watch. But, it looks like things are changing after one and a half years and there are reports of HTC looking to enter the smart watch concept with an Android wear watch codenamed as Halfbeak.

The Halfbeak Android wear watch from HTC will be coming out with a round display like the traditional watches and not as a square one that is offered by Apple. The smart watch will be offering a 360 x 360 resolution. These are just some information that has been gathered from inside sources and there is no confirmation from HTC about the same.

HRC was earlier looking to release a smart watch in collaboration with Under Armour and the watch was codenamed as Petra. Now, it has been known that HTC is looking to expand its product line once again and would be coming out with a new Smartphone as well as a Smart watch.

There are other speculations doing rounds that HTC will bring out the Android Wear smart watch by this year end. There is also a launch event that HTC is planning to organize on September 29 where it will be revealing a new flagship Smartphone to the world. Everyone is hoping to see if HTC makes an announcement on September 29 about the Halfbeak Android wear watch or not.

There is also news that HTC will be showcasing a double flagship at the September 29 event. So, does it mean that HTC will showcase a Smartphone and a smart watch during the event?