The Apple event is just a day away and everyone is talking about the New Apple TV set top box that Apple will unleash at the event. Even at this last hour, there are rumors circulating on the internet as to whether the Apple TV is a gaming console from Apple and not a movie streaming service.

Apple has been inclined towards gaming ever since it launched the new iPhone. Apple has never been mentioned or quoted as being a company that is involved in the gaming industry. Apple does not like to publish their own games and also do not have any interest in coming out with a specific hardware to support the games. But, all their products feature a host of attractive and unique games.

Is The New Apple TV A Gaming Console

There are many who are saying that the new Apple TV that is more than likely to be announced tomorrow by Apple is a game console in a disguised avatar. It has nothing to do with video streaming service and has its focus fully on the games. There are even speculations that it has an unexpected partner to help it in this new game console venture.

Everything is a bit sketchy at the moment and one will only know the real truth when Apple opens about the Apple TV during the event to be held tomorrow in San Francisco. The new Apple TV is just a set top box and not a TV. The existing Apple TV is used mainly to stream movies and TV shows using Netflix and iTunes. Hence, there is an expectation that the new set top box called Apple TV is a gaming console.

There are reports that the new Apple TV will offer more powerful graphics than the existing Apple devices. It will also have a remote that can be used as a controller as well and will also have buttons and a touch screen. A dedicated App store would be made available to buy and download games to be played on the new Apple TV.

The new Apple TV is said to be coming at a price of $150, which is twice the cost of the existing Apple TV. This amount is well below the cost of the popular gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox One.

The game executives and analysts are of the view that new Apple TV will not be able to impress the gaming enthusiasts with its version of the gaming console with big guns like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the fray.