If you are using the Jeep Renegade, then the infotainment system fitted in your vehicle can be an easy target for hackers. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) US unit has said on Friday that it is going to recall as many as 7,810 Jeep Renegade Sports utility vehicle in the U.S to prevent the radio from getting hacked. The company has said that they will be upgrading the software for the radio in the car to prevent hacking.

This announcement by the FCA US LLC has come just about a month later when the company had recalled about 1.4 million vehicles in the United States to upgrade the software. The car’s engine can be turned off when it is on the move by hackling the radio. The safety of the internet connected vehicles are at stake here and hence FCA has decided to immediately make a recall of the Jeep Renegade SUV’s to solve the software issues.

Jeep Renegades Recalled For Fear Of Radio Hacking

The FCA in its press release has said that it was not aware of any injuries or accidents related to the exploitation of the radio software in the Jeep Renegade SUV. But, it does not want to take a huge risk and so has decided to recall the 7,800 odd Renegades plying on the American roads.

By upgrading the software of the radio in the Jeep Renegade, it will not be available for free access remotely. The recent software upgrade that will be done on the faulty Renegade radios will be for radios that are fitted with 6.5 inch touch screen. More than half of the Renegade vehicle that has been sold by FCA is still remaining in the FCA dealerships. Hence, the SUVs will be handed over to the customers only after the software upgrade is done.

The owners of the Renegades with 6.5 inch touch screen display are the only ones affected by the recall. They will be mailed a USB flash drive that they will need to plug in their car’s infotainment system for the software to be automatically upgraded.

Another option offered by the FCA is for the car owner to visit the UConnect website and to enter their VIN number in the space provided on the website. Once done, they will have access to the download option of the software on their own flash drive. The software upgrade for the affected Renegade vehicles will also be done free of charge by the respective FCA dealerships. The software offers additional security features so that the Renegade radio cannot be tampered with from remote locations.