Jennifer Hudson has been in the news since 2006 when her performance in Dreamgirls bagged her Academy award. You might think that she has gone quiet in the creative front, but she is still trying out roles while concentrating on her career in music. The new success that she received is probably more due to the difference that she achieved in her looks once she lost her excess pounds.

Indeed, Jennifer has performed in several movies like Winnie Mandela which was a biopic on the leader of South Africa as well as movies like Black Nativity or Miste & Pete and several others. She states that she selected the movies as the roles appealed to her. She found the roles real and felt passionate to act them out.

Jennifer Hudson Talks About Her Weight Loss And Other Things

Even though she has had considerable success in film making, today her looks have improved as well. The short haircut that she flaunts as well as the weight loss that she has been able to attain has made her a new woman. She finds that she can experiment with different looks and styles as she is slimmer today. She loves to confuse her fans and the media by experimenting with new looks as well as styles these days.

She admits that the transformation that she has brought about was not easy. She says that being under the spotlight is never easy as people have a lot to say, whether one is thin or on the heavier side. She says that people have a lot to say which can be confusing, but the weight loss was something that she wanted to do for herself.

She says that music is her primary passion and last year she has performed in important functions like the tribute shows for Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as well as in the Grammys awards.

As for her weight loss, the fifty pounds that she shed in 2010 has kept her going. She feels that she does not need to exercise all the time, but she does keep it fun by staying active with her son. She was initially on the Weight Watchers program, but now she has parted ways amicably from the program. Today she feels that her relationship with food is a lot better. She understands the need to binge and tries to eliminate it by understanding the underlying emotion that pushes her to eat excessively and indulge in junk food.