Keith Olbermann has been taken off his show on ESPN for the rest of this week after he made insulting comments on Twitter about students at Penn State University.

On Monday, an alum of Penn State tweeted the phrase to Olbermann, “We Are!” as well as a link to a news report about students raising over $13 million in the fight against pediatric cancer. Olbermann’s reply was “…Pitiful.”

Olbermann often spars with those who make comments using his Twitter account. He refused to back off in a number of other tweets, saying he was referring in general to students at Penn State and not to the fundraising.

ESPN made a statement on Tuesday saying it was inappropriate and did not reflect the views of the network. The statement from the network said that they had spoken with Keith, who recognized he was wrong and he and ESPN agreed he would not be the host of his show for the rest of this week and would return Monday.

On Tuesday, Olbermann apologized via Twitter, saying he was childish, stupid and much less mature than the Penn State students, who did a great job with their fundraising.

The talk show host returned during the summer of 2013 to ESPN vowing that a second stint would go much better than the first. He made his name with catchphrases and a sardonic tone as the anchor of SportsCenter between 1992 and 1997.

However, that first tenure ended amidst clashes and harsh words with management over the right for him to do other work. The network suspended him for a period due to not seeking their permission to do public services announcements.

Jobs that were politically oriented did not end well either. Following eight years as the host of prime-time at MSNBC, Olbermann abruptly quit in January of 2011. He later took a role on Current TV, but that lasted just a year prior to him being taken of the air. He then filed a lawsuit and reached an out of court settlement.