It is being seen that kids are often being bullied about eating due to which, figure conscious teenagers are going hungry in order to conform to the trends of eating little or not eating at all. The bullying is happening at a subtle level or in an overt manner as well. Today, bullying is not done outright as anti bullying emphasis has made the present generation of children aware of the consequences of being caught in the act of outright bullying. As a result, overt bullying is being carried out in different forms these days.

From peer pressure to trends, it is difficult to spot the bullying that children do in school. A trend that is being seen in school cafeterias is that, kids are coming under pressure not to eat lunch or to consume much less than what they would ideally consume. This is a practice that is becoming evident in many schools across the country. The dieticians who work with families or kids are noticing this trend. Dana Thompson in Arizona noted, this trend through her diabetes practice. Peer pressure is subjecting many girls not to have their lunch. Many girls are coming under pressure to throw away their lunch or to avoid eating so that they are not rejected by the wanted groups.

Kids Are Being Bullied At Schools To Avoid Lunch

This kind of pressure is being seen as overt bullying as no one says anything when someone eats, but dirty looks are thrown at them or comments are passed which makes one feel guilty about eating. Many kids, especially girls, are coming under pressure to eat much less than what they want to eat. This is a troubling phenomenon that is coming under the notice of school dieticians.

This can give rise in eating disorders which are common among children. Many dieticians see this trend coming on among kids in elementary school as well as junior high and in high school. Many dieticians see a growing trend among children who are skipping lunch and find it more acceptable not to have lunch. They are in turn bringing on peer pressure on others who eat at the cafeteria. This kind of bullying can lead to eating disorders. Many have disorderly eating patterns as a result of being subjected to this kind of bullying in school.

Though kids being teased about their weight are not a new thing, but the methods are getting more subtle as anti bullying alert is high among school authorities. For that reason, smart children are resorting to subtle bullying strategies to jeer at kids who are seen eating or taking food at the cafeteria.