There are pictures where one can find Kim Jong Un, the new leader of North Korea, inspecting unit 169 of the Korean People’s Army, which has been honored with the title of O Jung Hup-led Seventh Regiment.

Today Kim Jong Un has come under the spotlight as he has dismissed certain top officials after a standoff occurred in South Korea. This move suggests that the young leader found these officials to have been responsible to allow the situation to spiral out of control. The two rival Korean countries had come into conflict earlier in the week with threats to issue strikes against each other. The meetings were on measures to take up in order to reduce levels of animosity, but the meetings quickly moved in another direction.

Kim Jong Brings N Korea Back In The News

The discussion had been about land mines that had maimed South Korean soldiers, which Seoul accused the North of having planted. Seoul responded to this by issuing broadcasts about the rule of Kim in North Korea, stating that the rule was authoritarian. This accusation has come by since Kim’s reign in eleven years. With these broadcasts North was instigated and they threatened to destroy the loudspeakers which issued the broadcast. The fire exchange occurred at the border as a result.

Kim had considered the agreement that came into a Worker’s Party meeting and as a result of several talks. The agreement was considered as a landmark decision which could help to put the relations between the two parts of Korea back on track and towards a reconciliatory path. To show his intentions towards holding good the terms of the agreement, Kim dismissed certain members of his party, as per the Central News Agency as they had allowed the situation to go out of control.

The strong response of South Korea to North Korea’s accusations was not expected. Again, North Korea is strongly protective of their military style political system and do not appreciate criticisms from outside. Hence, when broadcasts were done, the leaders were worried that the residents and troops in the front line would be demoralized which in turn can weaken Kim’s leadership.

Both sides came to reconcile after North Korea expressed regret as South Korean soldiers had been injured and South Korea responded by opting to switch off the loudspeakers. The regret expressed by North Korea is being considered as an apology to South Korea while Pyongyang denies that it had set the mines in the first place. This reconciliation brings hope to people that relations will improve between the two parties.