Little Monsters get prepared, your leader will soon bring her brand of scare to America’s prime time. Lady Gaga, the rock star who is chameleon like and helped her singing career by singing with Tony Bennett, will be the star in American Horror Story’s fifth installment on FX, said the producers of the show on Wednesday.

No details have been released on what her role or what the premise the latest installment for the limited series will be. The show will not premiere its upcoming season until October. Each season, the series changes both location as well as storylines.

This latest announcement about Lady Gaga comes only a few days after the singer set afire twittersphere with a sweeping performance at the Oscars of the The Sound of Music. She is scheduled to leave on tour during the coming months with Bennett.

One insider believes Gaga might have been attracted to acting by Taylor Kinney her fiancé who is the star on Chicago Fire on NBC.

Previous rockers have done what Gaga is doing on American Horror Story, which Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy are the executive producers. Stevie Nicks made her debut in acting on this series as well.

While this role by Gaga on Murphy’s hit series will be the first major role acting for Gaga, she has showed off her talent in action on the big screen in Sin City and Machete Kills. She also hosted a Saturday Night Live episode back in 2013.

The multi-talented entertainer impresses on the red carpet this past Sunday at the Academy Awards with her white ballroom gown and bright red rubber gloves that for many looked like she had just finished doing her dishes before heading out to the award show.

Gaga thrilled the audience at the Oscars and those watching on television with a set of songs from the The Sound of Music honoring Julie Andrews.