Researchers from Palo Alto and Weiptech networks have found that more than 225,000 Apple accounts have been swiped by a malware from the ‘jailbroken’ phones.

A malware called KeyRider was distributed to the Apple iOS through the jailbreaking tool Cydia and the malware was successful in stealing the certificates, account details, purchase receipts and private keys of the Apple phone users.

The account credentials were directed to a remote server and the stolen account details were used to purchase apps for other iOS devices.

Largest Theft Of Apple Accounts By Malware Reported

Apple iOS are well known for the superior security features and were least affected by the various security threats that created problems for other phones. The process called “jail breaking” makes this device vulnerable to malware attacks.

Jailbreaking the iOS phone enables the user to run the apps which is not allowed by the Apple, but the users are at risk as the apps will gain more control over your Apple phone. Your Apple iOS is safe as long as you do not run modified versions.

Keyrider malware was able to thrive because of the large number of people interested in jailbreaking the phone, especially in China and in other countries. Jailbreaking is done by means of unauthorized tools or programs.

Many of the Apple iOS users who fell victim say that their accounts are showing an abnormal purchase history or their phones are held for ransom.

The latest attack has mainly affected the Chinese accounts. According to researchers there are victims also from 18 other countries like Russia, Japan, France, South Korea, Germany, Canada, United States, Italy, Israel, Spain and Singapore.

This is the second major attack on iOS phones. Earlier the notorious Hacking team also targeted the jailbroken iOS devices.

This report is an eye opener for iOS user jailbreaking the phone. The Palo Alto network is providing a tool for the users to check whether their iOS phone is affected by the malware.

To avoid hacking of your device using malware, you should avoid downloading the third party apps which are not approved by Apple for use in their device. It is also necessary to change the passwords every now and then and to use different passwords for the different email accounts you are using. If you are using a jaibroken device, change the password immediately.

Even high –profile brands are getting hacked and hence check the legitimacy of the apps you are installing on the device. You will have to face terrible consequences, if you are using the jaibroken Apple devices any more.